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Producing Your Own Atheopagan Event

Having online community is great, but real, in-person gatherings where we can build relationships, celebrate our rites and learn from one another are much, much better. I encourage you to organize your own events and start building your own non-theist Pagan community.

To that end, I’m happy to announce the release of the Atheopagan Event Planning Guide. I hope you’ll download the Guide and its associated spreadsheets (the Timeline Template and the Budget Template), and use them to create your own gatherings.

When planning your Atheopagan event, be sure to contact The Atheopagan Society (our registered nonprofit) to see if there are ways we can help (with affordable event insurance, for example).

Please use the community conduct standards to ensure the safety of your attendees and yourself.

Even small gatherings of 20 or fewer people can be wonderful experiences. I hope to hear about your event soon!



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