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Introducing the Atheopaganism App

It’s amazing what you can do—absolutely free!—on the Internet now.

It turns out, you can create a lively and dynamic app that lives on the web, so a shortcut to it serves as a phone app for any platform. And you can do that without knowing how to code.

I was pointed towards Glide apps by a member of the Atheopaganism Facebook group. It took a bit of learning, but now there is an Atheopaganism app that you can use to download key documents, visit the Society and blog websites, revisit essays about each of the Atheopagan Principles, follow links to various Atheopagan social media channels, and, if you wish, buy the book or Atheopagan symbols and paraphernalia.

I installed the app on my phone this morning, and it already has been useful, as I was able to pull up resources during a conversation with a co-worker that contributed to our conversation.

So check it out!

It’s at Enjoy!


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