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Welcome Home

I’ve written on this subject before, but I want to say to the hundreds who have joined our Atheopagan online community since: welcome home!

Welcome to a place where deep spirituality of Nature meets reason and critical thinking. To wild, naked dancing around a bonfire (real or imagined), and the wonders of science’s understanding of our Sacred Earth and Cosmos. To ritual, and meditation, and cognition and analysis and art and music, and the fullness of what we can be, we humans.

It happens every week, online.

It happens every year, in person at Pantheacon.

People—strangers, yet family—come to me and say, I had no idea.

I thought I was alone.

I was shunned by my community. Or, I can’t tell my coven.

For the simple sin of being a rational person who understands standards of evidence and burdens of proof. Who is filled with the wonder of reality, and needs not more than that.

Beautiful people. People full of magic and wisdom and intellect.

Seekers. Askers of Pertinent Questions.

And I say to them—to you—YES.

You belong.

You are the kind of person we were meant to be, we humans: thinking and feeling. Dancing and questioning. Making rituals and art, solving problems. Using tools. Building relationships. Loving. Giving. Making change.

Toes in the dirt, eyes on the stars.

And I see you. 

I see you out there, in the insistence of your thinking mind. I see you seeking, I see you alive and unfettered by conventions. I see that you’re looking for what is Actually True, instead of a pretty story. And for how you can be a part of that vision of a better world we share.

I see you lighting candles and incense. I see you titrating reagents. I see you factoring equations. I see you weeping at sunsets. I see you hiking the high ridge. I see you breathing the cold stinging air. I see you paddling the hole, and climbing the far pitch, and skiing through the pines. I see you singing to the heavens and dancing in the club. I see you laying out Tarot cards. I see you diving the deep reef. I see you.

I see you, in the magnificence you are.

Welcome home, Atheopagan. Welcome to your path.





  1. Beautiful. Mark!!!
    I luxiated in these recent Earth soaking, relentless atmospheric rivers. …reclaiming lost wetlands and fertile flood plains.
    reading Krista Tippett’s Becoming Wise, an inquiry into the mystery and art of living
    Feeling in sync!

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