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An Atheopagan Table of Correspondences

In many of the Pagan books circulating out there, a large chunk of the pages are devoted to “tables of correspondences”. These tables identify particular herbs, gems and minerals, incense scents, foods, and other materials with particular emotions, life experiences, times of year, and so forth.

Well, I didn’t want Atheopagans to be left out on this sort of thing, so I’ve rigorously compiled the Atheopagan Table of Correspondences below from the great dusty volumes of the Atheopagan Book of Shadows that reside on my Focus.

Enjoy! 😀


Material          Correspondences                         

Color (any):  Whatever you think it means.

Herb (any):   Whatever you think it means.

Stone (any):  Whatever you think it means.

Incense (any): Whatever you think it means.

Essential Oil (any):  Whatever you think it means.

Food (any):   Whatever you think it means.

Metal (any):   Whatever you think it means.

(Of course, if you disagree with any of these, feel free to substitute whatever you think best)


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