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Atheopagan “advent” calendar–a fun project for the holidays

Instructions for making your own Atheopagan “advent” calendar, complete with resizable clip art images you can use for the tiny pictures behind the windows. Includes education on Atheopagan principles and themes. This is a Word document, so the images could be embedded as resizable objects.



  1. Yes, it’s getting close to being time to start the countdown to Solstice! In our family, we’ve used a tree with doors, so there is nothing to make. We simply put a note and often candy (or a few dimes, or such) in each door. Here is a link to some images we’ve used – feel free to print, cut out and use any of these with the cool Solstice Advent calendar described above. We’ve found that with the doors, it works best to only fill the next door just before it’s time to open it (before dinner each day). Otherwise, the kids open all the doors in the middle of the night or such out of the sheer power of anticipation. -JCH

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