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April 8, a Red-Letter Day!

Monday, April 8 will be a day that a lot of people will remember as the Solar Eclipse of 2024. With the path of totality passing over a region housing more than 31 million, it will be a shared experience that many will hold for the rest of their lives.

I with I could be one of them. We’ll have a partial eclipse here in California, but the path of totality is far away and I can spare neither the time nor money to get there right now. Too bad, because the next North American total solar eclipse won’t be until the 2040s. I’m likely not to be around by then.

What I get as a consolation prize, though, is that also on April 8, my new book will be released. ROUND WE DANCE: Creating Meaning Through Seasonal Rituals has been long in coming, but it’s finally going to be here!

If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I hope you will join me for a book release party in downtown Oakland, at the kinfolx community space on Telegraph Ave. The party will be on Saturday, April 13, from 3-6 pm. I’ll be reading from the new book and signing books for guests.

You can order the new book at any bookstore, or at Powells.

And be sure to get eclipse glasses for looking at the Sun–you can suffer severe and permanent eye damage if you look at the Sun without them.

Photo by Jan Haerer on Unsplash


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