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The Atheopagan Libation–A Ritual We Can Share Globally

Recently, as we interviewed her for THE WONDER podcast, guest Susan Paterson of the Atheopagan Society Council suggested that it would be cool if there were a particular ritual that was shared by Atheopagan practitioners all over the world. I love this idea, so here is a suggestion that Atheopagans across the globe can adopt if they so choose.

Thirteen being a special number for us, I suggest Atheopagans do this ritual at Thirteen o’clock (1 pm) on the 13th of each month, wherever you are–or whenever you gather with other Atheopagans. If you are at work (as I will be if it’s a weekday), take a few minutes to walk outside and perform this simple ritual. Even a paper cup of water is enough to do it!

  • Preferably, use a special chalice or cup for the Libation. Keep it on your Focus when not in use.
  • Fill your chalice with fresh water, preferably rainwater or Moonwater, or water from a beloved lake, river or spring (but any water will do–it’s all Sacred).
  • Take a moment to center yourself. Take three deep breaths, perhaps.
  • Slowly pour the water onto the ground or, if that is impractical, into soil, as with a house plant or window box.
  • While pouring the water, say, “The round river flows from sky to soil and back again, bringing Life wherever it goes. We honor the Earth today, and every day.”

The concept behind this ritual is that it will become a sort of ritual lingua franca for Atheopagans throughout the world: wherever you’re from, when you encounter another Atheopagan you can do the Libation to express your love for the world and your shared community.

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash


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