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Riffs on a Meme: Enchanting the Mundane

Today, in the weekly Atheopagan Zoom mixer gathering, I was exposed to an Internet meme that really resonated. It is this:

This is so completely an Atheopagan approach to life! Turning pedestrian tasks into romantic and thrilling adventures is a way to add happiness and joy, and to retool our mental approach to them to enhance our motivation and focus. Nothing supernatural required: just a reframing and a playful approach.

Currently, I am stuck on trying to get a new job. I’m still so burned by what happened at the last one that I haven’t been able to bring myself even to update my resume yet. But I have to do it, and get to work on starting to find new employment.

Something tells me that reimagining my resume as a +4 Scroll of Persuasion and Charisma will help me a lot in getting down to the work of revising it. The process of making such a thing sounds cool and fun, rather than dry and tedious.

Give it a try! What tasks have you been avoiding that can be reimagined as enchanting adventures? What tiresome, repetitive chore can you envision as a magical act?

Thanks to Addie M. for the meme suggestion! Art by Tony Andreas Rudolph


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