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Yule Offering #1: Stillness

Here’s my first hope for you at (what I consider) the New Year: the Winter Solstice, or Yule.

That after the holiday frenzy of Silly Season, after the parties and dinners and rituals, there comes a moment when you can just stop.

And be still.

And feel within you the glow of all your life’s wealth: the beauty, the love, the gifts that the very Earth itself rains down on you.

I hope that—even if only for a moment—you will feel your body swell with the joy that is your birthright, and you will know that you belong here, between soil and stars, a unique expression of the very Universe, looking back at itself. Knowing itself as alive.

May the stillness of snow and cold and the Sun’s pause in its journey fill you with happiness, and wisdom, and courage to go forward to a 2018 of promise and opportunity and joy.

A merry Yule to each of you. Thanks for being a part of what we’re doing here.




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